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I would get Neil out even again even if the building surveyor didn't point out any dampness just to check for any issues.

Apologies for such a late review. I had Neil out to my house from hell that I bought last year. Upon an insurance investigation for a water leak from next door, I was also told I had rising dampness. I had a couple of companies out who both said my entire damp proof course had failed and every single wall needed injection or damp proof membrane. Although I know nothing about building the more I thought about it the more I couldn't understand how an entire damp proof course could fail. I found Neil whilst researching and one of my workmates knew of him. Neil was brilliant, turned up when he said he would. I was a bit of a mess with all the house problems I had found in my short period of ownership and very emotional. I was upstairs working an kept hearing the beep beep of Neil's damp reader so was working myself up too bad news. After a good couple of hours, Neil asked if I had time for a chat. He told me it really wasn't as bad as I thought. He explained the chimney breast and small wall area then told me most of the other readings were from plaster going right to the floor and breaching the damp course. He also pointed out problems with brickwork pointing and corroded downpipes etc. He told me nothing was urgent so I didn't have to panic to do things immediately. When his report came through it was so detailed, with pictures, diagrams, explanations and approximate costs of the bits that needed doing. He also said that when I got someone to do the work he was always available at end of the phone to advise my chosen contractor. He was very thorough and very reassuring. I actually struggled to find a contractor (they don't like being told you have had an expert, independent surveyor out so asked if he could advise me of anyone. A year later my downstairs has finally been done, repointing and downpipes done. The contractor he recommended has done a fantastic job on not just the damp works but lots of other work I asked for. My house is now actually starting to feel like a home and not a place I don't want to be. If the thought of the fee is off-putting it is honestly worth the money, Neil spent longer in my house than the building surveyor who missed all the problems and saved me from having a pointless chemical injection. He explained everything to me in an understandable way and the actual report is worth its weight in gold. It is great to have someone so passionate about people not been taken in my damp proof salesmen. If at some point I ever buy a new house I would get Neil out even again even if the building surveyor didn't point out any dampness just to check for any issues as my building surveyor didn't report any of the problems the house had!

Britny Alfonzetii - May 2022