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The Mysterious Fungus

Posted by: Neil Marsden Snr on 08/11/2016


This type of fungus is very common. It is a member of the Peziza fungus genus and is commonly referred to as 'Plaster Fungus'. It is often mistaken for dry rot or wet rot by some less reputable or inexperienced surveyors.

The fungus is in itself harmless. It does not affect the structural integrity of the timber. What it does indicate, is that there is a source of water which should be investigated. It is often found in areas where internal plumbing leaks are present or rain water ingress is occurring.

The rate of growth can be quite frightening. I have known clients to discover a large growth which literallyappears overnight. No chemical treatment is needed but do not ignore the growth, as it is a strong indication that there is a defect present which is resulting in very high moisture levels which could potentially lead to wood decaying fungi such as wet or dry rot.

If the source of the moisture is easily identified then deal with the problem and promote rapid drying out of the affected area. This will minimise the risk of more damagingwood decaying fungi.

If you are unable to locate the source of the water ingress, seek advice from a suitably qualified professional who should be able to follow the trail and identify the source and recommend theappropriate remedial work. Ideally, the surveyor should hold the CSRT qualification as this fungus will be familiar to any CSRT qualified surveyor.

Plaster fungus An internal plumbing leak was the cause of this growth of plaster fungus.

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