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Does Rising Damp Exist?

Posted by: Neil on 08/01/2020


Is there such a thing as rising damp? This is a question that has been raised and argued over for many years. There are many people who are very vocal on social media who state that there is no such thing as rising damp. The photographs attached to this article, (I hope) will dispel the ridiculous arguments that there is no such thing as rising damp. The distinctive pattern of the rising damp can be seen on the external elevation and strangely enough when I carried out the internal inspection exactly the same pattern of damp staining was reflected on the internal face of the front main elevation. Rising damp has been documented for nearly 150 years and has been recognised as a defect which can affect properties which have no effective damp proof course.

Rising damp may well not be as common as some of the less scrupulous damp proofing companies would suggest, but to deny its existence is ridiculous. There are many defects which can present as rising damp and that is why it is essential that you seek expert advice from competent and suitably qualified professionals to ensure that the correct diagnosis is achieved and the appropriate remedial measures are implemented.

Rising damp on the internal wall. The same pattern of damp staining on the inside as on the outside.
Typical discolouration caused by rising damp. The discolouration is caused by ground salts in the plaster finish.
Rising Damp Typical damage to a wall caused by rising damp
Rising damp affecting the internal wall. The same pattern of damp staining as on the external wall was reflected on the internal wall.
Rising Damp on the external wall
Rising damp Damp staining as the result of rising damp
A classic example of rising damp The damp staining and discolouration of the plaster/decor is typical of rising damp.
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