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Palace Green Library- Durham

Posted by: Neil Marsden on 08/11/2016


Neil was involved in the recent refurbishment project carried out on Palace Green Library close to Durham Cathedral.

A detailed inspection of the exposed roof timbers was carried out to determine their condition and identify potential defects involving fungal decay and wood boring insects. Considering the age of the building, the timbers were in remarkable condition with only minor replacement work proving to be necessary.

The main contractor carried out the necessary renewal of timbers and the new and remaining timbers were treated with a suitable timber preservative prior to the roof being re-instated.

The work carried out will safeguard this fantastic historical building ensuring that it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

External view of Palace Green Library
Durham Cathedral Proudly stands nearby.
A fantastic example of ancient building techniques.
The whole building was shrouded in scaffold to allow the work to progress in all weather conditions.
Localised timber replacement was carried out followed by targeted timber treatment.
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