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Woodworm Holds up Mortgage Application

Posted by: on 12/12/2016


A client was informed by their lender that the mortgage application could not proceed as an infestation of woodworm was noted in the roof timbers. The lenders required a report from a specialist surveyor to identify the type of insect and provide a cost for the necessary remedial treatment.

The client instructed Neil Marsden Snr to investigate and report on the infestation. The client explained that the woodworm affected only one section of timber in the roof construction. Neil indicated that it was likely to be a type of insect which is harmless to the structural integrity of the timbers. The survey was carried out and the insect was identified as Ernobius Mollis (Bark Borer). This type of insect feeds on the bark which has been retained on the timber. Normally all bark should have been removed during the production of the finished timber in the sawmill but occasionally remnants of bark remain. Once the bark has been exhausted the infestation will cease. Chemical treatment is not necessary.

It is very common for this type of insect infestation to be confused with Common Furniture Beetle resulting in unnecessary chemical treatment taking place.

Bark Borer Infestation on Roof Timber Very often this type of insect is mistaken for Common Furniture Beetle. The insect is harmless to timber and does not require treatment.
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