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Penetrating Damp-South/West facing elevation

Posted by: on 21/07/2021

Damp in Buildings

I carried out a survey of this property and whilst it is without a doubt affected by rainwater penetration and in particular on the south/west elevation (prevailing wind-driven rain in the UK comes from a south/westerly direction) the building fabric is relatively sound with the only evidence being efflorescent salt on the inner wall surface resulting in minor paint flaking. Before submitting my report, I spoke to the client and talked at length about what remedial work may need to be considered with several options being discussed.

My client has lived in a very similar property, so he had a very pragmatic attitude towards this property's damp issues. Rather than simply diving in and recommending significant invasive remedial work it is always better to speak with your client, present the evidence and allow them to reach an informed decision as to how they proceed. My client was delighted with the survey report and very grateful to receive the phone call. My client is happy, so I am happy. Job done.

Penetrating Damp
Efflorescent salts

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