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Inspecting the sub-floor using a torch and mirro can reveal a wealth of information.

Posted by: on 03/03/2022

Damp in Buildings

When i am asked to do a damp and timber survey it involves a lot more than simply scanning the base of the walls with a damp meter. Wherever possible I will attempt to lift floorboards so I am able to identify defects that may otherwise have been missed. Surprisingly very few surveyors will do this as standard practice and I think that it is a missed opportunity as it often reveals a wealth of information such as the condition of the sub-floor timbers, the condition of the oversite, the location of the original damp proof course and the ventilation levels within the sub-floor void, all of which are very important.

My view is that my clients are relying on me to give them as much information as possible to allow them to make an informed decision, especially when they are looking to purchase a property which for many will be the biggest investment they will ever make. Surveyors owe a 'Duty of Care' to their clients to carry out the survey in a 'thorough and conscientious manner as befits an average surveyor' and whilst many surveyors have said i am not an average surveyor, i would dispute that as i believe that all surveyors should make the effort to investigate every nook and cranny of the building because if not the survey report may not be a true reflection of the condition of the building.

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