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Neil Marsden Snr-PCA Independent Damp & Timber Surveyor

Posted by: on 18/03/2021

Damp in Buildings

It is very important that when a surveyor is inspecting a floor for evidence of woodworm or wood rot that floorboards are lifted to allow a close inspection of the timbers which are concealed within the sub-floor void. More often than not the damage is hidden and not obvious from a top surface inspection only. Far too often surveyors fail to attempt to carry out a sub-floor inspection because of the effort involved and simply state that no inspection was possible due to fitted floor coverings and whilst there will always be occasions when a sub-floor inspection is not possible due to the risk of damage to the floor coverings (especially when laminate flooring is present), more often than not a sub-floor inspection can be carried out safely and without damaging the floor coverings and the floor coverings are used as a convenient excuse to avoid doing so.

A surveyor owes their client a duty of care to carry out the most comprehensive inspection possible to allow the client to reach an informed decision as to how they wish to proceed and that duty of care is something that we take very seriously so wherever possible we make every effort to lift floorboards and ensure that our clients get the best possible survey report. It is called professionalism.

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