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Posted by: on 06/10/2020

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I recently visited a property at the request of the homeowner to investigate the cause of the damp in one corner of the lounge. The client had several contractors look at the issue and received a wide range of solutions from the contractors ranging from penetrating damp through to condensation. All of the advice involved the client paying a significant sum of money on the proposed solutions. I must admit that it was a bit of a mystery on first impressions. Having carried out a detailed inspection of the external building fabric I concluded that all was good, and the exterior was generally sound with no obvious source of water ingress. The lounge floor was in good condition (solid floor with a DPM) and the perimeter walls had been dry lined and were found to be dry.

Having seen this on a number of occasions I had my suspicions as to the cause. After sitting down and chatting with the client over a cup of coffee I discovered that the house was occupied by my client and his wife (both in their 60’s) although they did provide childcare for their 4-year-old grandson 3 days a week. I enquired about their grandson and was told he is a great lad, but he is very mischievous (which 4-year-old is not mischievous). I had already concluded in my own mind that the source of the damp stain was due to some form of spillage on the upper surface as the underside of the underlay and upper surface of the floor slab was showing no evidence of staining and was dry at the time of my survey.

The client was insistent that there had been no spillage in the corner and the problem appeared to be getting worse in recent months. I asked if the grandchild is ever left in the lounge on his own and he was but his grandad stated that he often came into the room and found his grandson hiding in the corner of the room behind the tall plant that is located there. This confirmed my suspicions as to the cause. Rather than visiting the bathroom and missing out on the latest adventures of Peppa Pig the young lad was taking advantage of the foliage in the corner of the room. Once I explained the source to my client the penny dropped as he had often wondered why his grandson found that corner of the room to be so attractive. To say that grandad was not best pleased would be an understatement.

The tell tale signs are there.
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