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Neil Marsden Snr

Posted by: on 01/05/2019

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Feedback following on from PCA Audit 31.4.19

Carrying out audits in my role as a PCA Regional Support Officer is a very necessary process but it does not mean that it has to be a painful process for the member companies. It is very rewarding being able to assist member companies wherever possible and even more so to receive such positive feedback.

Hi Neil

Thank you for the kind words. It makes it all worthwhile when someone appreciates the hard work we put in and can I just say. That is how all audits should be conducted.

With professionals like yourself who are there to help and guide and have a bit of crack at the same time.

And on the guidance. Thank you very much for rewording the guarantee. I can now see how the little changes you have made make it clearer and we will certainly be using it in our guarantees from now on.

Once again. It was a pleasure to meet you Neil and I hope to see you again, either within your capacity within the PCA or just drop in for a cuppa and a bit of crack.

Best Regards

Ian Hayman

Managing Director

Complete Weed Control

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