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Posted by: on 23/05/2022

Advice, Damp in Buildings

I visited a property last week to investigate the source of the damp affecting the external kitchen wall before the client proceeded with her new kitchen installation. My client had already had a 'Damp expert' out to look at the problem and he diagnosed rising damp and indicated an approximate cost of £2,500 + VAT to rectify the problem.

After a thorough investigation is diagnosed that the source of the dampness was open mortar joints behind the hopper head on the external elevation. With the client's permission, I removed the hopper head to confirm my suspicions. The remedial work needed was very minor i.e. repointing of the open joints so rather than the client having to find a contractor to do the work I got my trowel out and re-pointed the hungry mortar joints before refixing the hopper head. Problem solved with the minimum of fuss and no additional cost to the client. The £2,500 saved will now go towards the installation of the new kitchen and to say that the client was pleased would be an understatement. Honesty and integrity are all that clients ask for and surely it is not too much to expect. I am delighted as we now have another very satisfied customer.

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