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Expert Witness Feedback

Posted by: on 16/01/2020

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12 months ago I acted for a client as an expert witness in a dispute with a disreputable damp proofing contractor. My client had paid for damp-proofing work which failed to address the damp issues in his property. After nearly 3 years of trying to reach a satisfactory resolution to the on-going dispute, my client decided to take legal action against the contractor and contacted me and requested that I prepare an expert witness report that could be used in court to support his claim for compensation. I visited his property and assessed the damp proofing work and duly prepared a report.

To cut a long story short, my client had his day in court and unusually (for a county court) the judge allowed me to attend as an expert witness. Needless to say, my client was successful in his action against the contractor and received a very favourable financial settlement in his favour.

To my surprise, I received the following message from my client today : -

Hi Neil, just a quick text to say that it is just over a year since our court victory over Jackson, you were magic that day, will never forget you or you or your kindness my friend. God bless from Glynn.

I was humbled to receive the text but it re-inforced my belief that if you treat people with respect and deliver in line with their expectations they will never forget and will always look favourably on you. It made my day.

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