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Do you need a Damp Specialist Report or do you need a Damp-proof Course?

Posted by: on 12/12/2016


Many clients will call and say that they need a damp proof course quote. If you ask for a damp proof course there are many companies out there that will make sure that is exactly what you will get. More often than not you may not need a damp proof course but simply advice regarding a damp related issue. There is a huge difference. Possibly thousands of pounds difference.

Instead of looking for a damp proofing company to install a damp proof course you would be much better off asking a Damp & Timber expert (minimum of CSRT qualification) to investigate the problem and report on the cause and the solution. The wrong diagnoses can result in your bank account being considerably worse off.

Always ask for proof of the companies qualifications and check them out. Many unscrupulouscompanies will claim to have qualifications when they do not. No responsible and professional company will object to you checking their credentials prior to instructing them to carry out a survey. It can and willsave a lot of potential heartaches.

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