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Damp Proofing North East

Posted by: on 24/04/2017


Many people experience damp related issue in their properties. Who do you call? The million dollar question. I strongly believe that employing an Independent Damp & Timber Surveyor is the best course of action.

The photographs show what many 'Damp Experts' would diagnose as rising damp. It was in fact caused by condensation. The property is only 50 years old and already has the benefit of a damp proof course which was installed at the time that the property was built.

The property is shared by 6 occupiers who spend most of their time at home resulting in severe condensation on the ground floor. Putting a new damp proof course in will not solve the problem and could, in fact, make things worse.

Diagnosing damp related problems properly is essential if a long-term solution is to be achieved. Simply putting a moisture meter on the wall and getting flashing lights and loud sound effects do not mean you have rising damp. There can potentially be many reasons why a wall will appear damp when not affected by rising damp.

You should be extremely careful who you rely on for sound advice. A CSRT qualified surveyor backed up with solid experience will be able to identify the cause and recommend the appropriate solutions. More often than not this will not be the installation of a new damp-proof course.

You will pay a fee for an Independent Damp & Timber Surveyor but could save 10 times the cost of the survey fee by avoiding unnecessary damp proofing work.

Thinking logically, if you get a 'Free Survey' you have to ask what is in it for the damp proofing contractor. Can they honestly be expected to go around providing free advice? The answer is clear. They cannot and inevitably you will end up with an estimate for a damp proof course that you may well not need.

The happiness of getting a free survey is long forgotten when the bitterness of having to carry out further remedial work occurs in the future when the original work has failed.

Get the right advice first time and every time.

Rising Damp? The client reported rising damp
Rising Damp'Condensation? Condensation, easily mistaken for rising damp.
Damp at base of wall All walls within the property looked similar to this.
Severe condensation The wall was visually damp with 'Free water' on the surface.
Damp but what is the cause? Paint flaking at the base of the wall above skirting board level.
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