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Condensation -Tip 2.

Posted by: on 08/11/2016


As the overnight temperatures plummet it is essential to take steps to minimise the condensation risk. A great tip involves bath time. Running approximately 2 inches of cold water into the bath before adding the hot water will significantly reduce the amount of steam generated. The reduction can be as much as 80%.

Limiting the amount of moisture laden air that can travel to other areas of the property will minimise the risk of condensation occurring particularly in unventilated areas such as wardrobes, behind furniture etc...

If possible open a window as you run the bath, this is when most of the steam will be generated and close it when you have finished running the bath. Keep it closed after you get out off the bath as the lack of air movement in the bathroom may allow cold air from outside to enter the bathroom, making the condensation worse.

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