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Appointment to PCA Board

Posted by: on 24/07/2020

In The News

I am delighted (and proud) to announce that on Tuesday the 21st of July I was formerly invited to join the Board of the Property Care Association a position which I was happy to accept. Having been a member of the PCA for many years (too many to remember) I regard becoming a member of the Board as an honour and a privilege and without doubt one of the highlights of my career in our fascinating industry. Over the last decade, the Property Care Association has evolved beyond measure. The days of simply being an organisation that focuses on Rising damp/damp proofing, wood rot etc are long gone and whilst we still take the study of unwanted moisture in buildings very seriously, in reality, it is one of a wide range of subjects that we are involved with.

The PCA has become a remarkably diverse organisation and one that is at the very forefront of research and development in helping us understand what can have a negative impact on the buildings that we occupy. In my role as a PCA Regional Support Officer (I visit member companies and carry out an audit on a bi-annual basis) to ensure that they are being run in compliance with the relevant codes of conduct and in compliance with all relevant legislation. I have been hugely impressed by the professionalism of our members and the brilliance of some of the individuals involved in pushing the boundaries with regards to diagnostic techniques we could not have imagined 10 years ago or even less.

I still practice as an Independent Surveyor and I have to work incredibly hard to keep up with new developments, just when I think I am up to date with the latest technology/research something new comes along to push the boundaries even further which is not only exciting but inspirational.

With the launch of several new initiatives to further develop the individuals working in our industry, such as the Specialist Apprenticeship schemes the future of our industry is looking very bright. The apprenticeships provide a career pathway that was not previously available in our industry. The apprenticeships have been running for 4 years and a significant number of the apprentices have carried on with their studies after the completion of their apprenticeship to become surveyors. To date, I am aware of 5 former apprentices who have achieved surveyor status which means that they have completed 4 years of study resulting in professional, competent individuals who will further enhance our industry. Without a shadow of a doubt, the apprenticeships are a complete game-changer.

I am excited to play some part in the future development of the PCA and I look forward to very exciting times ahead for our fine Association.

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